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Spinning Wheels


This is my first post here although I have been creeping the boards for awhile!

I know I am going to get some **** for posting this but I am prepared for it :slightly_smiling:

Pic: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/5/5811edit.jpg/
Height: 71inches
Weight: 80kg
BF: 20%(electric scales)
Main goal: Size and muscle but toned.


I have been spinning my wheels now for like 2 years changing up routines, got too fat off a very rookie bulk and now just been trying to cut the fat back off and really want to get down to at least 15% before trying a much more clean and slow bulk.

So question 1 is do you guys think this is the right strategy? I have read lots of different opinions about this!

Question 2 is can you recommend any routines? Like I say I have been training over 2 years on and off but due to spinning my wheels my lifts are still **** weights lol.

I have tried starting strength in the past but I have lower back issues and it has so much volume on the lower back I couldnt get out of bed some days because my back would just seize up! Has anyone else had similar problems or could recommend some solutions if this program is my best route?

Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated because my mind is full of all the different things I have read thats all just 1 big mess.

Thanks guys!



i know your main goal is size/definition but if you're saying that your lifts are still shit after 2 years i'd focus on strength for the moment until you get your lifts to a level where you can put on some serious size. I'll admit i'm still trying to gain strength as i know i'm not strong enough to go on a pure hypertrophy program and get the full benifits from it. I currently train 5/3/1 Dave Tates periodization version. Main focus on strength but with some hypertrophy work thrown in too.

What are you main lifts at the moment? By that i mean DL, squat, bench and overhead press in case you're not sure. If you knew already i apologise but as its a newb thread just wanted to clarify.


From your pick I don't think you need to go on a full blown cut. Take a look at CT's routines in Superhero in Six Weeks and Destroying Fat. Both of these routines are great for stripping fat and will maintain or increase your strength. Also check out the videos in the livespills lots of great info in there.

You need to pick a program and give it time to work for you. You will need to customize somewhat if you have issues performing certain exercises.

You also need to get stronger, being as you are basically a newbie that should come along.

Also the bodyfat measurements from scales are not reliable at all. Don't bother measuring bodyfat. Go by how you look in the mirror and how your clothes fit.


id add in some cardio/GPP a couple times of week but thtas all really just clean up diet

check out Do this dumb one isntead of that by king beef in the main BB forum or 5/3/1


I just MUST SAY that toned only means muscle without too much fat on them.

That is all.


Thanks for all the comments, I have had a look over CT's for burning fat and there is lots of good stuff in there :slight_smile:

Just got the eBook for 5/3/1 and it looks good but do you think its a good beginners routine? It would stress my back less as you only squat/dead 1 x week but guess the progression would also be slower because of that...