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Spinning My Wheels


The above picture is from Christmas till now...I have gotten a little leaner and added a bit of muscle.

First a little backround:
Height- 6'2.5-6'3
Training: On and off the past 5 years

First I'd like to address my training time, before this year my life was 100% baseball, so all of my weight training was for the purpose of being better at getting up on the mound and pitching. That is what I mean by on and off, off season was always a big lifting time for me and then as the season came and went I would be back at square one. My strength has definitely progressed over the years but now that I am finished playing I am switching gears and want to build as much size and strength as I can.

Current lifting stats:

This week I started Amit's "Simple No Machines Workout" it was great and I look forward to working through the entire program. I was lucky enough to spend 8 months a Cressey Sports Performance last year and it fed my appetite for strength and I gained more size than I had ever done in previous off seasons. I am rambling now, so back to the title. I feel like I am spinning my wheels, I have finally worked back to my strength when I was at CSP and I seem to slowly be creeping up in size. It's mainly nutrition and future programming I am worried about, I can't just run Amit's program forever haha My diet mainly consists of the following:

Protein Sources:
Chicken,steak,lean ground beef, eggs,Chobani greek yogurt

Brown rice, red dill potatoes,oats

Peanut butter,cooking with whipped butter, whole milk

(I'm Sure I am missing some stuff here, but this is generally what I eat)

BCAA Sport
Forza Pro Protein
Hypershock Rage Pre-Workout

Sample Day Diet(generally what I eat daily)

4 whole scrambled eggs, 1 cup oatmeal

about 20-30min later
20oz Iced Coffee black w/ 1 scoop of Forza Pro

8-10oz shredded chicken(Usually seasoned with Mrs. Dash), red dill potatoes/or brown rice, steamed vegetable mix

Snacks through work day
2 string cheese, 1 Chobani fruit at the bottom yogurt and a banana

Home from work
1 giant spoon of natural peanut butter
12-14oz whole milk 1 scoop Forza Pro

Post Workout
1 giant spoon of natural PB
12-14 oz whole milk,1 scoop forza pro

Some type of lean beef, 1 large bag brown rice(training days)(a little less non training), vegetable mix

Once a week I will have a gigantic "Cheat Meal" (4x4,fries, xl milkshake at In-N-Out, 11 pieces of pizza, etc..) or twice a week I will have two moderate cheats.

I know this post is longwinded. I also know there are very knowledgable people here who can help me be smarter about reaching my goals. So I wanted to provide as much information as possible. Any and all suggestions will be helpful.


Big 3 Day today!

Squat 4-5 sets 3-4 reps 80%(260)
Bench 4-5 sets 3-4 reps 80%(205)
Deadlift 4-5 sets 3-4 reps 80%(335)

I also do ramp up sets to warm up for each of my big lifts today it will look like this.

50% 130x4
70% 185x2
80% 210x1
90% 235x1
110% 285x1

50% 105x4
60% 125x3
70% 145x2
80% 165x1
90% 185x1
110% 225x1

50% 170x4
60% 200x3
70% 235x2
80% 270x1
90% 300x1
110% 370x1


Today was good, moved a little slower than I would have liked. Overall I was happy with the lift, hit all my sets and reps!

5x4 @80% on the big 3! Ramp up sets to warm up give me some nice extra volume too.