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Spinning My Wheels No Longer


I have been spinning my wheels as a beginner for quite some time, making little process. With conflicting goals, I realize it's time to really focus. I recently just got a part-time job, Mon-Fri with 30 hours total, 10-4 (Good hours) so I have no time for Muay thai classes and weights, so I'm choosing to focus on really gaining some notable size and Strength. I've begun Starting Strength with rows, chins and Dips. Program hopping like a typical noob won't help my gains,so I'm not switching.

I've found that even with taking time away from Muay Thai that i'm still struggling to increase weight. 195 on squats and I already missed reps, and Military Press at 90 pounds. I figure this is a nutrition issue, because I never miss days at the gym and put in an honest effort. I was thinking of hitting the heavy bag on some of my off days, but with my weights already stalling i'm having second thoughts. Should I track my nutrition? or just try to focus on eating more. Thanks everyone.


Track your daily calories and protein intake.

Eat more calories. It is that simple.


Alright I will use Myfitnesspal, I have an account. What should my calories look like at 140-150 pounds, 6 foot? I have it set around 2500 calories, 313g carbs, 69g fat, 156g protien. That seems alright? I'll see how it goes and if im gaining weight each week. Also, should I try to increase weight 5-10 pounds each session for my main lifts, or switch to 10 pounds each week? Thanks. :slightly_smiling:


2500 will probably be too little, but just track your weight and see for yourself. No need to be anal about macros - get enough protein and calories. Increase weight as much as you can, 5 pounds per session will soon become hard but give it a try.


Yeah, I failed at 195 for squats, I tried two other times so now I dropped back to 165 and will increase 5 per session while trying to eat more. The deads are going up, 225x5 last session and will keep doing 10 pounds at a time for now.