Spinning Class

Ok, I realize that speaking of spinning classes is basically forum blasphemy. My wife and one of our friend’s wanted to go and coaxed me into going with them. All I can say is that is has been a long time since I’ve completely sweated through my shirt, towell and everything else I was doing. Do I want to do it every week? Probably not, but it was a nice change of pace and worth doing every once in a while. So make fun of me if you want, but I felt like sharing my experience and supporting my wife.

Jason, good stuff, bro. The gym I train at has some good classes, and I have to tell you, doing a weekly spin class is great. If you hate cardio like I do, and I mean HAAAAATE cardio, you probably find any excuse to avoid it. Being in a class makes it feel competitive, and it’s human nature that we slack off less in front of people we don’t know. I always do at least one a week when cutting. And yes, you sweat like a bastard. Keep in mind that you should certainly not be made fun of for it; it’s just for some and not others. Trying new things is what its all about. On a similar note, you might want to try a yoga class. Stretching is great for hypertrophy, and also helps maintain mass when cutting. I love it. - Out Like a Fat Kid in Dodgeball.

make fun hell no, ya Sally. There is nothing wrong with throwing a new stimulus at your body. As long as it is not counter productive to your goals and usually activity is not counter productive.

What’s spinning?

I agree with you. I’ve participated in a class a few times and have also enjoyed the experience. Lifting weights isnt the “end all” of fitness. That being said, I dont plan on participating in such classes weekly either.

Jason, check yourself for gyno. Your estrogen levels are probably way up. Just kidding! If it wins you points with your lady then more power to you.

I’m glad you guys found a new stimulus, but I must say that I’ve never been able to use a stationary ANYTHING for my cardio. I kind of envy you guys, because truthfully it would be a lot easier if I could just jump on a bike and pedal, but stair steppers, treadmills, and stationary bikes make me cringe. I run outside when I can, and indoors when it’s too cold (it’s below zero with the wind chill in MT right now). I tried mountain biking once. Made my bonch hurt. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure that you got the answer to your question in the post about somebody’s powerlifting area getting converted to an aerobics studio:). It’s a class where everybody is on stationary bikes (very different than a traditional electrically braked or fly wheel braked stationary bikes) and an instructor is in charge of tempo and gives recommendations for resistance.

Drax, Jason is wrong. “Spinning” is the art of telling stories of how 100# muscle gains are possible in one year. Sorry bud, I couldn’t let it pass by.

Personally wouldn’t do spinning. I’m a big believer in looking into options for physical fitness, but I really hate spending any more time in the gym other than for our weight training. Which is why I have fitballs, heavy balls, and the like at home. I use li’l sessions at home to help gear me up for long hours at the drawing table or computer (nope, not the T-Mag “forum” time, but art work). Oh and there’s boxing gyms, the dojo - etc. And the great outdoors.

I think it's pretty cool though that you guys look into all the options availabe.....

Take it from me, nothing beats a rowing ergometer for cardio.

Drax, coudln’t resist piping in with a “oooooh yes.” The erg is some of the best cardio around. It’s so much different than anything else, feels like more of a full body workout. Also, it’s cool to set goals and beat your time. My best time on the 2k is 7:34, which isn’t great, but not half bad, either. Good job pointing that, out, Drax. If anyone hasn’t tried it, hop on and start pulling.

how about next time getting your wife to do some manly cardio since you did the female variety?
jump rope,sprints,wheelbarrow walk?

Spinning class??? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!. Just kidding Jason – we all know you’re one of the best posters on the site. Hell, I may have try it myself.

Never did the Spin Class-can’t stand group activities. That having been said, I am an avid (solitary) road biker. There was a while where I I could use it as my main mode of transportation-way quicker than hauling my butt around in the old Accord. Soooooooooooooo-one morning (early June) hoping off my trusty Trek at the gym I noticed a great ‘hulabalooooooo’ arising from the far end of the parking lot. Lo and behold-it was the spinner-ettes! All 12 or so spinning madly away not but feet away from their SUVs with the ‘Save The Environment’ vanity plates. The gym had decided to haul all of the spinning machines out of doors for a reason never fully explained. Perhaps to ‘authenticate’ the Biking Experience? Or perhaps this was a new class…Extreme Spinning 2001-Bikes On Macadam! Most all of these people lived in the same appartment complex as I-a less then 10 minute bike trip from door-to-door. Was it because they were wearing the obligatory Oakley M frames (Irridium lenses) that they failed to see the irony? Regardless, this proved (my assumption) to be far more realism than any could handle. Macadam Spinning was to never again occur.

Well I’m glad to see an open attitude here about variety. Drax & Trev - I agree the rowing erg is a serious piece of equipment. Demo - music, TV, prayer, meditation: any of these might make stationary cardio a lot more bearable. Patricia and Steve - I hear you guys. We got some hiking, mountain biking and rollerblading set for the future, but it may be a while before I’ve got her pulling the sled with me. Jersey Dude - I hear you about the bicycle commute. For the past 7 years, the bike has been my primary means of commuting between school and now work. I always laugh at the people that would leave my apartment complex in their car while I left on my bike, because 9 times out of 10, I’d beat them to campus. Pnfdog - I’ll start to check myself for gyno when I start doing step aerobics and body pump. I feel pretty safe with spinning :slight_smile:

When I was 18 I did 6:27 for a 2k piece on an erg. That would have only been good for a lightweight (~155) & I was 35lbs too heavy. It’s still better than I’d manage today for sure.

Well…it seems like if you take in all the positives, and balance it with the negatives I’ve read on this thread, Spinning is definitely worth putting into your Cardio mix for added variety AND an intense workout…