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Spine Vertebrae Fracture

2 months ago I had an accident and my TH 6 vertebrae was fractured, now I’m still wearing a brace till next month.

Did anyone fully recovered from that type of injury?
What is the best way to rehab it and when to start it?
Will I be able to train deadlift, squat in future?

I will appreciate any helpful answers.

i don’t know, dude.

have you heard the saying ‘use the muscles, spare the joints’?

i think the idea is that if you strengthen the muscles and ligaments around the joints then it takes the load off the joints so they can move around safely and stably.

with respect to fracturing through bone… the best thing you can do to improve bone density (including fracture sites) is to lift heavy weights.

i’d say gradually and gently does it. work hard on the mind-muscle connection and learn to activate and then work to strengthen the muscles around the region.

see what you can do…

expect a full recovery (aim high!)
be prepared to put in the hard work and be patient.

i have an old fracture (30% loss in anterior height) in the lumbar / thoracic junction.
it doesn’t bother me anymore. i do olympic lifting. squatting. i used to deadlift. have problems with lower back fatigue (just like everybody else). i wouldn’t know i have an injury there anymore.

i really hope you get to say the same :slight_smile: