Spine Injury Rehab Works

Hey, I wanted to write a little bit about spine injury rehab. Especially about what worked for me…

As some of you might know diagnostics of spine injuries are pain in the ass. Every doctor, specialist says different thing. You do your MRI and pain is not where it should be :wink: But what you feel is very real. In my case it was strong pain the lower, mid back, glutes, hips. I have had this problem for about 4 years. Now, I see very drastic improvements.

Exercises I found helpful;

  • spine bridges (actually should be called ass bridges. be careful to not use your spine!)
  • bird dogs (I lift one leg with knee bent 90 degrees all the time. My goal is to lift it 90 degrees but without any movement in the spine /one butt cheek will try to rotate and move up and your spine will try to compensate as well)
  • one leg spine bridges with knee close to the chest (here you can see differences)
  • jane fondas (push your hip away from you - all the movement should come from your hips, not from your obliques)
  • clam shells

That’s it! All those exercises are hard to do. You need to have perfect form and there are not many good examples of it. Slight change an you are using not those muscles that you should and the problem only grows, as you enforce bad movement pattern.

Do those exercises when you are not in pain. If you think you can start training start with very low volume and train multiple times a day. You can do 3 sets of 10 back bridges during whole day and that might be good… When you start feeling your back or glute in a bad way stop! You have done probably more then you should, for that day. Be patient!

I am very careful with stretching (hip flexors etc.) because I found it very irritating for my spine and hips.

Other exercises I do, but are less specific and should be done when you can add more muscle tension to your already tensed body: elastic band walks, step ups, stair climbing, planks (so many versions and ways to progress), anti-rotation core training, chest stretching and all the posture work you can think of.

I had few gym comebacks in the past with no success so this time I am going slow. Started with push ups, step ups, pull ups. I have done it one month ago and I was in pain. But now it’s ok. So be careful and if you feel that something in your back or glutes is feeling bad, give your self a rest.

Hope that helps! What guys here are writing in articles, what BushidoBadBoy tries to communicate is pure gold. I have spent a lot of money on rehab but found those simple advices most effective!

PS. What’s best for pain? Rest… One drug I found helping is Nimesil based on Nimesulidum. But that’s in Poland.

thanks for info! very helpful.

And yes, BushidoBB definitely knows his stuff!

Good luck!

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BBB is a genius. He helped me fix a lower back/glute problem over the interwebs, in 30 seconds flat.

[quote]ucallthatbass wrote:
BBB is a genius. He helped me fix a lower back/glute problem over the interwebs, in 30 seconds flat.[/quote]

Pics/vid or it didn’t happen.

[quote]Boffin wrote:
ucallthatbass wrote:
BBB is a genius. He helped me fix a lower back/glute problem over the interwebs, in 30 seconds flat.

Pics/vid or it didn’t happen.[/quote]

Just ask him. He said it was my L3, had the wifey put a little pressure on it, bam my left ass cheek works again. A little more foam rolling and tennis ball work, and 2 weeks later I’m about 95% again. Now I have appointments with a chiro to make adjustments when needed. Thx BBB