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Spine 'Indented'


Yes, it's a silly question, but someone on here might know.

My bf puts his hand on my back and says, "Wait, why is your spine indented?" And, sure enough, there's a big crease down the middle of my back if I'm standing up, and my spine's in a sort of deep groove. He doesn't have it. I haven't felt many backs (who has, really?) but I don't think most people have indented spines. Do I have a posture problem? What is this?


I see what you mean in your back pic in your profile.

If you think this is a medical concern, then consult a professional and not forumites for your own health.


Oh no, nothing hurts. Maybe the mods can delete this?


I'm pretty sure your spine is supposed to be 'indented' as opposed to sticking out for protection issues, I do believe your spine has some quite important uses.


Do you mean the crease from back of neck down to your ass.

Maybe you have it because you've built up your erectors and traps. So the erectors and traps stick out a little and it feels/looks like the spine is in a groove.




Some important uses?


Uhh...the only indentation I see from the pics is that caused by having some decent spinal erectors.


Well, if that's all it is, no problem!


It sounds, and from your pics, it looks, like it's just what happens when you add some visually-noticeable muscle to the back.

If you still think it could be a posture issue, take some relaxed pics with your arms at your sides from the side and back and have a look for any slouching or unexpected "tilting" (either sideways or forwards/backwards).

But I'd put money on it being muscle. Above pic is for confirmation and reassurance. And if you guess who it is, you win a major award. :wink:


Olessya Novik Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm



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Good call.



What? Not that I'm not grateful, but I thought the prize may be a critique of my goals for the next year, hint.

There's a link in my profile in the 'about me section', of course you don't have to.



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Thanks for having a look.



Hey I see that you have those BBing Clogs on your feet, do you like them? Are you noticing a difference in your walking, posture, overall feeling?


You mean the Vibrams? I think they're fantastic, I love them, I'd wear them everywhere if I could.

I've had them for about a year now, and have noticed a big difference in posture, not much else though, or maybe I haven't paid enough attention.

I highly recommend them, I wear them in the gym, out on summer days, all the time, although you will get weird looks.



What's gay about that? The dude's got an incredible back.


He does.


I vaguely remember learning about it in biology, it transports blood from the brain to the buttocks and vice versa (or something similar). I just know that breaking it is not a good thing.