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Spine Indentation - Normal or Not?

Can someone please tell me if spine indentation is normal. Im obviously not a body builder in fact I’m over weight. I have tried finding answers elsewhere with no luck. I can’t run to the doc bc my back looks weird to me. I figure in bodybuilding y’all c alot of backs so please lmk does this look rightIMG_20190828_175606

Why not? You rather have random people diagnose you using a terrible picture?


I’m a single mom of 3 with one fixing to go to college. I make to much for Medicaid and can’t afford private insurance. I’m not looking for medical diagnosis just opinions on if it looks normal

I think we need to see more pics honestly :lol:

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Getting medical advice from a bunch of Meatheads is not in your best interested . How much research have you done on it?

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It’d be easier if someone else took the picture of you if possible. You leaning over will alter any indentation you believe is there.

Will say that no, it doesn’t look bad to me. I think most everyone tends to have an indentation on their lower/mid back, the severity of it just varies from person to person.

Really though:

Will you be posting another question about your neck?

Your back looks pretty normal to me. Are you experiencing any pain? Have you ever visited a chiropractor? That is what I would do. Screw doctors they only know how to prescribe drugs.
By the way ignore the assholes with there stupid comments we have a lot of kids that frequent this forum.