Spine Health, Morning Workouts, Yoga

Okay there are two articles regarding Spine Health within T-nation, Mr. Spine and Mr. Spine 2. These two articles cover several things including how you should not do any sort of full spinal bending immediately after getting out the bed as it could cause more harm than good.

My question is does this rule out morning workouts and yoga? The article doesn’t go into much detail as to a specific time frame after waking up that full spine bending becomes okay and with my schedule the way it is now I’d really like to know as I’d have to workout before work rather than after.

The same could be asked of yoga. There is a lot of full spine bending involved in some positions but I have to wonder whether or not its a good idea or not to do this first thing in the morning.

Any help?

Okay…someone should seriously kick your ass for doing yoga. :slight_smile:

Just kidding!

As far as I remember (I took a course with one or Stu McGill’s colleagues), your spine is in a compromised state for a few hours after waking do to the amount of fluid that creeps back into your intervertebral discs.

For some people this can lead to serious injuries while others can do it for life and have no troubles. Unfortunately you won’t know which type you are until you actually get an injury as a result.

Keep in mind though, that due to ethics many of the studies that examine this issue are conducted on previously frozen pig spines. These may not be totally representative of what happens in previously unfrozen humans.