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Spine-Compressive Loads

How does one make his spine better at withstanding compressive loads? Do I simply hold heavy weights in my hands/on my back/on my shoulders(aka do shrugs, overhead presses,etc.)? Or is it the ab/erectors work that in turn makes the spine stronger?
Many thanks, Thorn

I use heavy partial reps to just get my whole body used to more weight.

For example I am currently pulling 405lbs off the floor so I do partial deadlifts from just above the knee with 495 lbs. (Make sure to use perfect form since you can easily hurt yourself with > maximal loads) I only do singles and reset between pulls since the point is to put maximal weight on the bar.

IMO, just holding 495 is not enough I need to put it through some range of motion. You could also use chains, bands, or reverse bands to assist in the lower ROM and overload the upper ROM.