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Spine Clicking w/ Hanging Leg Raise


when I do Hanging leg raises I can feel my spine clicking, not cracking like a chiro adjustment. But like 2 bones are popping together.

Anyone else have that? Theories?

I do not have any back issues.


I have that and also have no back problems. I can also click my chest. The clicking makes me feel like it's doing something good...that may be faulty logic but who cares.


Lol, you must mean nonexistant logic. Oh, and it may be you who ends up caring.


haha, the thought that I was doing something good did not cross my mind.

I doubt I am doing damage, just interesting, wondered if someone know where the rubbing/popping/clicking was coming from.


May just be that you've got some really tight muscles in/around the vertebrae that are clicking, pulling when they shouldn't be. Can try some foam rolling to work them out a bit. Are you keeping a really straight back when you do them or does the back curve a bit when you flex the abs on the way up?


i think it is straight, but how many times have people said that. I'll get someone to watch. What would be expected if it was curving?


I get that with standing cable abs. I asked a physio about it who didn't seem to think it was a problem (for me). It is disconcerting though.


This is most likely due to your psoas muscle (hip flexor) tendons rubbing over each other as the shorten. Check out the anatomy here.
Notice how there are multiple tendon origins from the lateral vertebrae bodies? As you draw your legs up, the tendons can "flick" (for lack of a better word) over each other as you perform the movement. It can be an alarming clunk or just a quiet snap. It is usually felt deep. Stretch out your hip flexors and IT bands/ tensor fascia lata and you should notice an almost immediate change.
Hope this helps


Fantastic answer! thank you. If you are a real Dr i should go see you i'm in Ontario also :slight_smile:


It sounds kind of like 'snapping hip syndrome', which I just randomly googled across.