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Spinal Tap & TM


I had a look at the Spinal Tap template as I want to get some volume in for a cycle, it kinda piqued my interest but the example has a bump of the TM each week.

I think this will catch up with me pretty quickly but I can't decide between:

1) don't bump the TM each week (ie. Increase it from the previous cycle and leave it the same for 3 weeks of Spinal Tap)
2) drop my TM back 2 cycles and increase it each week, so from the previous cycle I'll have a lower TM for week 1, same for week 2 and higher TM for week 3, then increase the TM again after a deload for a new template or maybe leave it for the next cycle - I don't know?)

Any guidance on this?


85% instead of 90!


I just used bar speed as the determining factor. I do the same with everyone I train. It’s a better gauge. Also, develop your own 5/3.
Micro loading (as I used in one of the articles I wrote 2 weeks ago - can’t remember the name) and using it with ST Is a good idea. Volume Tap is also a good option.

Just use your experience. That’s why it’s more important to train than read.