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Spinal Tap For Squats

For the Spinal tap training for squats would this be a good percentage base, I have based it off the lifts in the book.

Warm Up –
2X5 @ 50% And 60%
2X3 @ 55% And 65%
• 3X70%
• 3X80%
• 3X90%
• 5X75%
• 3X85%
• 1X95%
• 5X60%
• 5X65%
• 5X70%

And do you add 5/10% to your training max each week? Thank You

5-10% added each week? You better start insanely light. Like 60% or so. Probably less.

I recommend using the workout listed in the book.

Sorry i typed it wrong I meant 5/10 Lbs per week