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Spinal Tap for All Four


Hey Jim,
I started using the spinal tap for all four movements. I really like it. I throw jokers in for extra work. I also do abs after I’m done. No other assistance work. Would you think this is a good plan? I like the idea of raising the TM with each new workout. I plan on doing this for 6 weeks then moving on to spinal tap 2. Any thoughts or opinions always welcome.



I love Spinal Tap for strict press. Actually curious as to where Jim stands on it now, and how it could be used long term in the updated 531 methodology.


Not Jim, but I think this is doable. If you are prepared for it - which means you can recover, have right TM and are little crazy.


It can work for awhile but it’s a horrible, horrible long term plan.


Find the ‘Volume Tap’ program and do that. That program kicks ass.


Any idea where I can get this? I searched but all I could get was one page. Thanks


Like the normal 6 week cycle?