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Spinal Tap 5s Pro


Hey im starting tomorrow a new program, I chose the Spinal Tap 5 pro i found in Forever and im going to run it with the exact assistance exercises given there, and with the 3spro anchor.
Can anyone give me feedback if they used it?
This month 2/4 weeks im going to need to cut training to 3 sessions so for some sessions I can do two main lifts + fsl 5x5 whatever. So i can handle the template on all lifts.
My question is is it doable to do my second leader with all 4 lifts and Spinal Tap? or better to limit it to two lifts at a time and then run 3pro anchor for all lifts?
Essentially were doing the same lifting session 3 times before raisin TM right?


Wellll since i got no comments i want a BAMP.
Did my first two sessions, first was PushPress then Deadlift. Finished both workouts from my first warm up set to complete in like 50-55mins so thats great!
The deads were definately harder and it was the first time i super set deads with pullups, I usually do only pushs when i dead and i can feel my forearms today haha.
Seems like a bas ass program(turning up to 11!!), was thinking ill just run it all lifts but go 2 days on 2 days rest etc etc