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Spinal Loading/Growth


Can anyone tell me exactly how spinal loading effects growth and give sources for it?


I doubt you'll find any direct sources (research) linking spinal loading with systemic hypertrophy increases. However, you could probably take a collection of studies and link them together to figure it out. Example: spinal loading and systemic responses, and those systemic responses regulating systemic growth. Check out google (scholar.google.com) and/or pubmed. If anyone has researched this in the past, I would love to hear about it. But I'd imagine it's one of those "the research is ten years behind practice" things.


I might be barking up the wrong tree, but I found this:

It basically says that spinal loading increases mRNA production in the spinal disks. If we can link mRNA in the spinal disks to pituitary function/ GH secretion it could work.


Sorry for the hijack...
Regarding the last post, does this mean that compression basically "toughens" discs?
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Didn't Dave Tate mention somewhere that you should lay off squatting now and then because to much spinal loading can hinder growth?


He was referring more to CNS overload, as exercises loading the spine are typically very draining. He suggests training the legs, but unloading the spine, thus reducing total body fatigue during this unloading phase.