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Spinal Health

so out of boredem and curiosity, i went for a free spinal health screening at the mall. this were my results. i thought it was interesting to note that my lower back muscle tension is considerably low, although i’m a big fan of deadlifting (good thing or bad?).

so anyways, i had a talk with the doc and it really got my attention about spinal health. i think what he said rings true, “prevention is better than cure”. i’m really tempted to go for a more thorough screening but i currently lack the cash to do so. i dont think isurance would cover it either since there really is nothing wrong with me at the moment.

just wanted to know, does anyone here visit a chiropractor on a frequent basis? i mean considering all the heavy weights we’re constantly hoisting day in day out, dont you think its something worth investing in?

also, is there any sorta way that on our own we can sort our own spines considering its already rather good and we’re just tweaking it up abit? i’ve heard before that doing back exercises can help with that. so maybe deadlifts with PROPER form?