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Spinal Erectors


i just recently discovered that my spinal erectors are unevenly developed!
the ride side of the spine considerably less than the left.

is that a big problem or rather common?
is there a way to isolate the sides and bring the weaker up?




Actually Ive noticed that one side is more sore than the other after doing good mornings so maybe Im unbalanced too, so at least youre not the only one!


I don't have an answer, but you may have to look around to find other reasons for this occurring.

For example, arm or leg imbalances could cause you to compensate when you do various lifts also.


Actually I'm correcting this myself right now. Vroom's right in that there's a LOT of ways it can happen. If anyone's interested, send me a PM, I'll link you to where I'm logging the rehab. I'd post the link, but registration for the other board is required to view training logs.



In relation to deadlifting, make sure that if you use an alternate grip you switch which hand is used for overhand/underhand, so both get used evenly.

Also, speaking from personal experience, make sure your inner/outer abs are strong. I had a weakness here and it lead to a major imbalance and overdevelopment of my spinal erctors (one side more than the other). I ignored this and am now doing a whole load of rehab for chronic back pain..