Spinal Erectors

A little question: are kelso shrugs good for strengthening the spinal erectors? If I heard correctly, they are bent over shrugs. As the spinal erectors are worked isometrically (just like in the dead/squat/gm), does this make kelso shrugs a good lower back move?
Strength, Thorn

Any non-chest supported bent over row or shrug will work your spinal extensors isometricly. The greater the load and torso angle the more stress placed on your lower back.

Yes, of course they will work the whole posterior chain to some extent. But only iso-metrically. Don’t plan on using just them to replace the deadlift (and variations) or reverse hypers, etc. I’ve seen these done on benches as well as free standing. They look interesting, let us know how you like them.

BlackThorn, the exercise you describe would work the spinal erectors, but I would never rely on them to do so. In my own routine I stick with a healthy dose of deadlifts, squats, good mornings, and 45 degree backraises to build my spinal erectors. Also, don’t forget, only working heavy will ever really help with increasing maximal strength.

Many thanks guys. But aren’t the spinal erectors worked isometrically during deads, squats, gms, hypers? I don’t have a reverse hyper machine, so the only possible option (to do something SOMEWHAT like the rev hyper) would be to work on the back lever and then do leg raises from that position ( www.beastskills.com )