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Spinal Erectors and a Sore Shoulder


Do the spinal erectors literally, as there name implies, help to keep the spine erect? If so so by developing them would one have a taller stance or better posture?

Also, i tore the labrum in my right shoulder last April. i kind of half assed it on rehab and now when i really "use" my shoulder it ends up stiff and sore again then usually gets better after a few days of rest/active recovery.
What gives?

Is it that the supporting muscles are still too weak (since i never really retrained the,) to stabilize this now unstable joint (because of the tear)and they are "tiring out" when i put my shoulder to good use (jumping my bike, wrestling with friends lifting up heavy stuff etc)?

Would getting on a basic shoulder rehab plan help out this far out from an injury or could something else be going on?

Thank all