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Spinal Erector Imbalance


Does anyone else have one spinal erector bigger than the other? My right side is HUGE compared to my left, I was wondering if anyone else had this problem and what they are doing to fix it


I've been experimenting with one legged bb floor pulls. I'll let ya'll know how it goes in month or so if I remember to post about it.


How did you discover this?


One leg reverse hypers


That's what I was thinking


cool thanks


how would someone do that if they dont have a reverse hyper machine?


was getting a massage about 2 years ago and the lady said my right side looked like i had an alien in it lol. ive never payed much attention to it, but now its kinda bothering me. I think bc its so big it overcompensates when i do back exercises, and it aches


Are you sure that your neck was not turned to the side or anything? Turning to one side, even slightly, will cause a single side of the erector spinae to contract and make it look bigger.

Anyway, if you do have an imbalance I think this is the exercise for you (at 1.55 in the video):


thank you ill give this a try!


I'd be sure to stick with what you know works and just try maybe one new thing at a time unless of course you switch to a totally unfamiliar program requiring you to change everything. Westside BB can do that if you're not used to it.

Best to avoid paralysis by analysis or changing everything up so much you can't isolate what does and doesn't work.


Have you ever had a scan of your back? I did for an injury years ago and mild scoliosis was discovered. With no scans prior to the injury it's hard to say if it was the injury or if it was always there but my left side erector is almost 2x the size of my right which was the one I injured.


Two ways. Do them bodyweight on a flat bench on top of a big exercise ball. Hold onto the bench with your hands and hyper your legs. Second way is to hold onto a 45 degree hyper backwards and do them that way. Do a search here and you'll find some videos.


my left side is bigger than right... LOL


are you sure its really bigger on one side. there are so many ways that make one side look bigger than the other. plus outside of some type of injury both sides really work almost the same on movements that require the erector.


See a professional, preferably ART trained and familiar with weightlifting populations


Chigishev looks like he could walk througha brick wall