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Spinal Erector Deadlift Problem


sorry for my english i’m german so i hope you’ll get my problem.

10 Months ago i suffred a muscle strain in my quadriceps and had to stop heavy leg work. A few months ago i was almost back at my strength levels pulling and squatting. Then i pulled my adductor and i had to pause again.

Last week i was deadlifting with improved form, hips high, arched low back,lats engaged, pushing ground away.Last year i was pulling 400 for reps and no i just injured my low back, thoracic region with just 100.

I had this before a few years ago when i changed my form this way.Usually i pull with a slightly kyphotic back and had no problems ever. I got bascially the same injury 3 years ago, when i was doing BB rows with a arched back.

I’m quite hypermobile and especially in the thoracic lumbar region.Just where the christmas tree starts.Thats where my injury happened. I can bascially keep my low back flat and not hinge from the hips but from this lumbar thoracic region.I’m extremely hypermobile there, which must be genetic as so is my dad.

So my lower spinal erectors are rather weak, my upper are really strong as my lats and my traps.I’m inigrating hyperextesions, pullthroughs and some rack pulls to improve this deficit.

Now i’d like to know how to deal with this issue?Should i switch back to my sloppy cat arched back form or try to work with that improved more healthy form which got me injured?

don’t arch your lower back. post video of your deadlift from the side

Ok,thanks.I know keeping the low back flat is the way to go.I’m able to do this but while the low back is flat my mid back thus the lumbar thoracic region is bending strongly.This must be due to inmobility in some other places or a hypermobile spine area.

Additionally i tend to not pay attention to the negative on deadlifts at all.And in most cases i simply let the weight drop in a controlled manner.So this might even more worsen my thoracic lumbar stability.

As said before i’m adding good mornings,rack pulls, pullthroughs and hypers to my routine to fix that low back stability.

I’m wearing some kt tape to fix my rounded shoulders btw. .When i’m dropping the weight in the end you can see my mid spine bending clearly.This is even potentiated when i use some serious weight.