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Spinal Degeneration From Years Of Squatting

Went to the chiropractor for back pain last week and he took x-rays of my lower back and upper spine. If you look at my x-ray, the upper vertebrae are in good shape but if look at the 3 vertebrae visible at the bottom, there are bone spurs and evidence of arthritis. The Dr thought it was from my years of heavy squats and the impacts of the bar on my back.

Now I haven’t squatted heavy in years due to knee issues but apparently the damage is already done. Getting old sucks, boys. Be careful out there.

Doggone, that does suck. I hope the doc is able to help alleviate your neck pain. A good physical therapist can be incredibly helpful.

Out of curiosity, when you were squatting heavy, how frequently did you? I wonder if there’s a way to balance heavy training and long-term joint health.

Actually, the pain is in my lower back due to muscle imbalances.

Pretty much weekly. I followed a power lifting protocol for many years (heavy sets, long rest periods, low reps)

Honestly, that’s not very likely. I still squat heavy and had a chronic condition that impacts bones severely (And I do have a bone spur), I don’t have what you have going on. But getting old does suck.

His belief was based on the comparison between the upper vertebrae being in great shape compared to the lower ones where the bar sat