Spinal Decompression

Will spinal decompression help maintain alignment of the vertebrae?

According to Poliquin, inhibition in the alignement of the vertebrae, particularly the mid-cervical area, will lead to poor performance in Chest Press movements because of a poor neural drive to the muscle - the signal from the brain to the muscle is impaired.

I know he recommends decompressing the spine for best neural drive, and I was wondering if it’ll also help maintain good alignment of the vertebrae.

i’ve used it to help ease back pain. it definitely feels good, for what that’s worth.

i’d think regularly visiting a chiropractor would help make sure your back is in place.

What exactly do you mean by alignment of the vertebrae? Modification of the S-curves, such as decreasing kyphosis or lordosis? Or scoliosis? And also, there are different approaches to “spinal decompression,” did you have a specific one in mind?