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Spinal Curves & Lifting

Just a question for any physical therapists out there. I have recently had a 'minor' lower back injury (not while weight training), with the major contributing factors (according to the physio) being tight hip flexors and tight and weak glutes. 

I am taking measures to correct this, but have been looking at a number of the articles discussing glute amnesia/weakness, and they all discuss fixing anterior pelvic tilt/excessive lordosis.

This is all well and good, but according to a number of chiropractors I have absolutely no spinal curves (one described it as “as straight as an arrow”). Therefore, is some degree of pelvic tilt a good thing in my case (in order to induce a little lordosis in the lumbar region)?

Also, how does this affect my squatting and deadlifting. I have given up both exercises for the moment (until my back is fully healed and my glutes are up to speed), but should I be lifting with a tilted pelvis (to induce a lumbar curve) and slightly rounded upper back, or should I simply lift with my “straight” spine?

I have read that the spine is much stronger when the natural curves are maintained, but I don’t have any! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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