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Spinal Compression?

During box squats, I feel like my spine is being compressed somewhat. After I am done with the box squats, I can usually hang on a pullup bar and twist and crack my back like a thousand times.

I work in the 3 - 5 rep range (heavy), and I use a somewhat high bar placement.

I experience no pain, just a feeling like my spine is “compressed”. The feeling ceases after 5-10 minutes and doesn’t interfere with my regular life.

Is this bad?

Possibly. Are you staying really tight on the box?

going by what I understand from your post, I wouldnt worry about it.

Have you any relation to people with arthritis of the spine? If not, I wouldn’t care. But advice for caution like that only comes from chiropractors… do you trust chiropractors?

a chiro just fukd me up BAD. the guy damn near paralized me-i had been going to him for 3 years. ive had to go thru tons of therapy to get healthy( i chose not to have surgery).

But i have felt the same as you, get a inversion table- about $200 for a decent one and use it on recovery days. has been working for me since my injury.