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Spinach's Bulk

Bulking to 190, maybe 200.

Was going strong over summer then had some setbacks…getting back in the groove.

1 Rep Maxes:

Deadlift: 315 lbs
Bench: 190 lbs (eww)
Squat: 225 lbs

Height: 6’0"
Weight: ~180 lbs
BF%: dunno…11%?


Mon: Deadlift, Vertical Push, Vertical Pull
Tue: Arm, Shoulder, Forearm, and Calf ISOs
Thur: Back Squat, Horizontal Push, Horizontal Pull
Fri: Arm, Shoulder, Forearm, and Calf ISOs


So far I have just been eating as much as I can as many times a day as I can manage, ~40g protein every meal. Carbs breakfast and PWO.


Creatine Monohydrate
Alpha Male
Power Drive

I’ve been on the above program/nutrition for about a month and I’ve gained ~10 lbs, I hope its not all fat… my lifts have been going up slowly.

Also it seems my left shoulder joint has an issue compared to the right.

relaxed back

front dbl bi

front relaxed


Would love comments on my program…little background:

Program before this was stronglifts 5x5 with no isos for 3 months, so I figured I would continue doing the same compound lifts 5x5 and add in isos for arms, calves etc.

My school gym is closed over thanksgiving break of course so I did Thursday’s workout today:

Back Squat (ass-to-grass): 5x5 185 lbs
DB Bench: 5x5 60 lb x 2
1 Arm DB Row: 5x5 75 lb x 1

Why only 190/200 ? I would hit at least 235-240 for your height, then cut back down.

Your program looks pretty advanced IMO. Maybe something a little less complex?

lol his program is about as simple as it gets.

[quote]JohnnyNinja wrote:
lol his program is about as simple as it gets.[/quote]

Well, I feel retarded.