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spinach wierdness

Every time I eat spinach, no matter how its cooked (or raw), I get this strange “dry” feeling on the back of my teeth. I can’t describe it better than…its not gritty, just “dry”. Yes, my spinach is washed. Any clues?

Me too… sometimes my teeth feel “chalky” after eating spinach.

Kind of like the feeling that you no longer have enamel on your teeth? Like chalk on a chalkboard feeling? Yeah, I know what you’re talking about. Just don’t grind your teeth accidentally, it is a horrible feeling.

Oxalic acid ?

Me too. Almost feels “clean.” Maybe it’s something with the Chloraphyl, like the parsley concept (usually garnish because you can actually eat it after dinner to “clean” the mouth; useless info 101).

I’m glad I’m not the only one…I guess thats the price to pay for eating something so freaky good for you.

My ancestors avoided this by sauteeing it in olive oil and garlic and spinkling on a little parmesean cheese. MMM! That bad taste may still be there but you will not notice it.