Spinach Question

Does spinach not agree with anyone else? Because of my new job and beign on the road most of the day, I started taking more salads to get veggies in with my meals. These have been consisting of baby spinach, grape tomatos, cucumbers and walnuts or almonds. I’ve never really eaten spinach before, and since I started eating it, when I go to the bathroom it’s almost always diarrhea. Is this normal?

Or could it be from something different? Spinach is really the only thing I’ve added to my diet that I haven’t eaten much of before, but I heard that it’s good to alternate between brands of protein powder so could it be from using the same protein powder for too long?

Is it the spinach or have you added a lot of fiber to your diet by eating salads and vegetables instead of other foods?

I’ve always eaten a lot of veggies and fruit. I might be getting a litlte bit more now than usual, but it’s not that much.

Fatguy, I’ve had the same problem with spinich It will cramp me up for about 1.5 hours then comes out as dhiarea. I’ve found this only happens if I eat large amounts over a period of time though. If i eat it occasionally it seems to be fine for me. Not really any advice other then trying to cut back on the spinich and use something else in your salad. hope it helps some.


Are you using the bagged spinach? It could be from the preservative stuff they put in there to keep it fresh for longer. I know some people that have the same problem with all bagged salads.

Firstly., don’t believe bagged salad’s are really ‘washed and ready to eat’. Escherica Coli (E. Coli) is prevalent in many bagged salads but it won’t always effect you. Certainly it takes longerthan a few hours to make you ill, but this is just an example.

Bagged salad can contain soil residue, fecal contamination, high levels of pesticides and other random stuff(insects and stones also).

Typically most bagged salads will get washed 2-3 times then spun dried, but it won’t get rid of all contaminants. The only way you could do this is to boil them. Impractical I’d sayo for obvious reasons.

Soggy gunge salad.

Dr. Stig has presented something mostly correct, IMHO as well, on a major source of the squirts.

Back in undergrad (over 10 yrs ago) one of my Proffs commented in class how he had most of his worst cases of food poisoning from vegetable and fruit consumption. At first I thought he said that to piss off the veganites in the class, but I believe that bastard. Especially after a good number of meatless episodes. However, you may not find veganites and their sympathizers saying anything other than meat is bad.

Sorry off tangent. But it’s possible that you may need to clean your salads better. Then again I don’t know what your poop looks like, but I think I read in the Dave Tate Training Journal that he has been pooping lots since he increased his salad frequency and intake.

So we canT trust “tripled wash ready to eat”?? Damn. I thought that was a good way to make sure I eat my veggies…