Spinach and Perishables

Does anyone have any ideas about storing things like spinach? I only have access to a supermarket once a week, and fucking Tesco’s spinach goes slimy and stinky within a few days of buying it. I bought 3 bags on monday, one and a half of which are shit to me now.

I hear you on the spinach- it looks, tastes, smells and feels like shit after only a couple of days if not eaten.

In your case, I’d buy frozen spinach. It’s cheaper and takes up less space. The down side is that it doesn’t taste all that fresh either (at least not the way I’ve prepared it) but at least it doesn’t go bad within hours.

If anyone has pointers on making frozen spinach taste better/ fresher, please share.

you can freeze spinach

obviously buy as fresh as possible.

i buy those 1lb bags with the ziploc and they say on the back to squeeze all the air out before you reseal it. i do this and it makes a HUGE difference.

spinach produces a gas as it decomposes and you have to get that shit out of there because it speeds up the process. even if you’re not having spinach for a day or two open up the bag, shake it up, and squeeze out the air. i actually roll it up like a towel and the zip is right at the top. do this and it will last A LOT longer

Two Solutions:

#1. Remove the spinach from it’s packaging and rinse it in cold water, discarding the undesirables.
Allow the spinach to dry and place it loosely in several Ziplock bags along with two or three paper towels in each.

Solution #2.
Simply remove the spinach from original packaging and place loosely into Ziplock bags along with two or three paper towels in each.

Either way -the addition of the absorbent (paper towel), the loose packing and the new airtight packaging will keep the spinach fresh for almost two weeks.


Yo cheers everyone, that was really helpful. I’ll try some of that stuff

Very helpful thread.

Yeah the Tesco stuff turns to shit in like 2 days (not that Im blaming Tesco though)