Spilt Opinions

Monday- A
Wednesday- B
Friday- C
Saturday- D
Sunday- A
Monday- B
Wednesday- C…
Keep Repeating…

A-Chest, Quads
B- Back, Shoulders
C- Hamstrings, Triceps
D-Biceps, Traps

** With research lots of it, im positive that at my still young age, DC training is not right for me, YET. SO i created something similar (sorta) to fit my schedule needs and my BB goals. I wouldnt like to see what Tnation thinks about this and some suggestions anything? Such as a set/rep scheme and exercises and such (planning on using alot more multi-joint exercises), and imcorperating some DC principles…

triceps never get a rest from a, b, then c.
Chest and quads in 1 workout is a lot of volume
Back and shoulders ditto.
back may be sore from quads to do deadlifts the next day.
Shoulders may be sore from chest to do the next day
Where are calves and abs?
Try separating the bodyparts more or doubling them up like a traditional push/pull (chest/shldrs/tri etc) or antagonistic push/pull (chest/back, legs, shouldrs/arms)
Schedule time off.

I like
A Chest Biceps
B Quads, calves, abs
C Shoulders, traps, Triceps
D Back, hamstrings, abs
E Off
or a 2 on 1 off split. you get to work triceps and biceps indirectly from chest and back, and then hit them again directly on this split. separating quads and hams also allows more work, and lets you pair stiff leg deadlifts on back day. work upper abs one day,lower abs next time or rotational. frequency is good too. (for me).

why not pick a tried and true routine and run with it, measuring progress.

how many sets per body part? larger 12, smaller 9? 9 sets for all? ramping up weight for 1 real heavy set or all sets working sets?
how old are you? training age? current height/weight, goal weight, timeframe? current nutrition?

good luck. post more info and maybe more folks will help you.

Thanks B12 for spilt help i really didnt look it through i should have notice some of those things (still newbie for sure) i never really can find a true/proven system similair to this with my goals, i would love to, if you know one?

4 set/ bodypart
mostly looking for hypertrophy and mass, not so much strength but will get some gains.
almost 17, 2 years, 5’7", 145, eat alot! lots of carbs follow TNATIONS bulking guidlines tips and things, taking weightgainer, and casien before bed. I wanna get bigger idk a goal weight really in a frame just consistenly growing and adding weight.

use the search engine on this site with keywords like strength training
Rippetoe’s Starting Strength is probably right up your alley, focused on maximizing your gains from simple complex lifts.
you still have growing to do.
stick to basics like improving your numbers every workout. Either more reps with same weight, more weight on the bar, or less time between sets.
keep a log book. open in like a big book and on one side write workout,on the other page/side write down diet, times you eat, food quantity how you feel, amount of sleep you get, etc. eventually you will be able to see trends.
Check out Arnold’s encyclopedia of bodybuilding from the library. tons of info.
work your muscles through every range of motion. Chest pushes and then adducts arms, back/lats pull down and pull back/row. same for every muscle.

pm me if you want more info, gotta run now. do the research.

You could always do
shoulders/ arms

And strength and size are not mutually exclusive. Train to get stronger and with enough calories you will get bigger too.

Me and a few others use this split, but adjusted to fit our different bodies:

Mon: Chest
Tues: Back
Wed: Shoulders
Thur: Arms, core.
Fri: Legs and calves.