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Spillover while Lean Bulking

Alright, I’m a few months into gaining mass. Currently following blending size and strength 2.0
I’m having some issues with fat gain, or so it seems. My clothes are becoming harder to fit into, and judging my progress pictures, fat gain appears to be the culprit. I’m not doing any Cardio atm, just lifting.
Stats- 6’1"
202lbs at around 16-18% bodyfat.
Current macros:
264g protein
117g fat
352g carbs. That puts me at about 3,520 cals a day, which isn’t an astronomical amount by all means. I can’t think I would gain a ton of fat judging by the calories, but my pictures lead me to believe otherwise. Is my larger gut and love handles just water retention?

16-18% BF means you are fat. Eating a calorie surplus means you are going to get fatter. Does that answer your question?

It is better to find your maintenance and do a slow recomp until you get close to 12% BF, eating at surplus at higher BF% will not add muscle mass alone.

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