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Spilled Grow! All Over the Floor..


So I had 2 scoops and 16 oz of water in my shaker bottle and before I had a chance to screw on the cap...I accidently knocked over the entire shaker. It went all over my hardwood floor and my god was that a fucking bitch to clean up. It coagulated so quickly and started sticking to my floor like it was the linings of my stomach. Took a good 20 minutes to clean up and I went through a whole roll of paper towels.


Shoulda grabbed a straw and sucked it down, then licked it.

Protein powder's expensive.


i think pretty soon i'll have some pretty bulked up ants in my house..


You can do battle for your home with them for GPP.


I've done something both more stupid and worse.

Grow! + milk. In a shaker bottle. Lid lightly placed on top. Shake. Lid comes off and the stuff goes flying everywhere. Did I mention this was at my computer desk? Right near my brand new wireless keyboard? Amazingly, everything still works.


LOL, I always fear i'm going to do something like that. Has anyone ever left whey protein residue sitting in a shaker for few days? The smell is absolutely horrid. Like scary nasty.


*raises hand

Actually (and I know everyone is now going to think I'm either a compulsive liar or complete slob...I'm not either - really) I've left a homemade weight gainer in a Nalgene bottle for months. Outside. In the winter. It's now nearly summer here. I've gotta clean that thing out...or burn it.


Great time to get/have a dog.


BURN IT. you may be able to get it clean but they always smell. your better off tossing it and starting over. Ben


I have one of those experiments sitting right next to me.

It's so cool to see the changes! I'll only clean it out when things stop forming and making neat little layers.


hahaha you made my day


I had some micell edge...i mixed it in a shaker, drank it and left the dirty shaker in my friends car. I forgot it in there...all the while the shaker was completely closed so no smell could really permeate out of it. About a week of sitting in my friends hot car...his little brothers unscrewed it one day...we all almost immediatly vommited right there. The smell was so bad that i still wouldnt use the shaker after 5 or so thorough washes from my mom...i just couldnt get the smell out of my mind....i had a strange feeling that the shaker was permanantely contaiminated so i just went and bought a new one. I always wash it IMMEDIATELY after finishing a shake.


I did the same thing once...in my friend's kitchen on a Friday night right before we were going out.

Let's just say that when he walked in the door from the garage and saw me covered in chocolate Grow! and Grow! splattered all over the place from the cabinets, to the counters and floor, it was quite a good laugh for him and my other friends. I spent about 30 minutes cleaning the place up, pissed that I now had nothing to eat/drink before going out, and my clothes were covered.

I borrowed a t-shirt and some pants, and we ended up making it out that night. They continued to laugh all night long.


Aye,its worse than spoiled milk.