Spiking Insulin

Hey fellow forum goers ! I want everybody’s opinion on spiking insulin levels twice a day. My plan is to mix up three scoops of vanilla Grow! with juice which should yield around 62 grams of carbs with 42 grams of protein and should be damn tasty too ! My question is would it be beneficial to do this in the morning to stop catabolism and then of course post workout, or just post workout. I plan on starting to increase my workout volume and intensity next week.

Try the Anabolic diet. With your twice a day insulin spike you’ll lay down HUGE amounts of FAT. But when you cycle low carbs (no more than 30grams) for 5 days then take a 2 day carb spike you’ll get natural increaceses in testosterone, GH, and insulin without laying down all that fat. Most of the weight you gain on this diet is muscle, and when you’re trying to lose weight, most of it’s FAT, unlike the high carb diets.

Sorry to contradict you Michael but all this business with super low carb diets like the anabolic diet and cyclic ketogenic diets drives me nuts! There are just too many guys out there that do not respond to them and need carbs to grow. I think Im gonna write an article on this real soon. No offence and certainly, nothing personal, but I just see so many 150lb guys following low carb diets to put on “ripped mass” when they should be eating everything clean in sight to just put on pounds! This focus on alternative diets is overemphasized and needs to go away for a while.

As I said, this obsession with super-low carb diets is too overboard. And for more than physique reasons. They’re just plain ridiculous as long term eating programs and are not that “doable” in normal lifestyles for long periods of time. I know Im going to take heat on this one from a lot of guys. But the bottom line is that CKD and “anabolic diets” may be less effective than other methods in terms of putting on mass. Even if they are equally effective, they are much more painful. The only time a diet like this should be recommended, should be for short periods when dieting and trying to lose fat.

When trying to get big, high protein, moderate carb, and moderate fat is the key. For nearly everyone unless you are fat and insulin resistant to start with. If you train right, and have respectable body comp, it is difficult to put on all this fat you mention from simply eating carbs. Sure, too many is bad. But the suggestion that no carbs should be eaten is too much.

In response to the first question, I think spiking insulin every day in the am with your drink idea is a good one. Then doing it a second time only on training days after a workout is good too. Insulin plus protein, plus carbs, plus fats will definately make you grow. You will put on some fat too. But that is ok.

Listen up guys, physiologically there is probably no nutritional manipulation that will help you put on lots of muscle with no fat. You’re either building everything or breaking down everything. With pharmaceutical manipulations, all bets are off, though as you can get some of the famed “nutrient partitioning”. But dont try to put on mass without expecting some fat under normal conditions. It wont happen. Just dont get too fat.

BTW, the carb source you choose is impt for your “insulin spike”. Since most of the carbs in GROW are fructose, you want a highly insulinogenic carb to mix with it. So fruit juice is out. Try something with more sucrose, dextrose, or maltodextrin.

Thanks John any professional advice is GREATLY apreciated. FYI I have tried some low to zero carb diets and just feel like garbage on them and wind up missing training because of the way I felt. Fyi I am 6’3’’ 22 years old 220 lbs. at 15% bf and have been training for 3 years. I have found that cutting calories to around 1800-1900 with a 30% carbs 50% protein and 20% fat aproach helps me lose fat fast, but the problem is that I lose strength also. Right now I want to get my strength up and will probably try “cutting up” in about four weeks in the meantime I want to maximize my Androsol-Tribex stack with a new approach.

I remember reading somewhere that grape juice was actually high in dextrose… Is that a load of crap?? For my post workout shakes, I’ve been using 1-2 scoops of grow, 1-2 scoops of EAS Simply Protein, 5 grams of creatine, and between 60-125 grams of dextrose (125 grams after leg day!). Following Charles Poliquin’s formula, the carbs should actually be a bit higher. I’ve read that he suggests 2 grams per kilogram of bodyweight for carbs, so for me, that would be almost 170 grams of carbs! He says it is a lot of calories, but works wonders as a post workout recovery shake.