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Spiked Urine?

I’ve got Spike in my pez dispenser pretty much every day these days. And I’ve got a drug test coming up for a new job I’d really like to have.

If I remember right Spike isn’t supposed to show in a urine test. But being the pragmatic type, I just have to ask:

Anybody failed a drug test due to Spike?
Anybody passed one?

Same here. I have to take a piss test on Wed and plan to take a Spike before my work out in the morning. Should I wait after my piss test?

I work for a government power wholesaler and had to take a drug test to get the job. I took Spike the day before and passed my urine test. The rest of my diet was perfectly normal including Grow! shakes, lots of coffee, some booze in the evenings, and occasional shitty food.

On this note of urine and Spike…does this stuff not make your piss smell absolutely AWFUL? My girlfriend could smell it in the bathroom 5 minutes after I took a leak. Since they changed to the new quick-release thing, it seems to have gotten even worse. I really don’t care, but just an amusing observation.

There’s no reason to suspect a false positive on a standard drug test from using Spike.