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Spike'd Up!


I took a Spike before my morning workout today on less than usual sleep, as it turns out, I had a pretty good workout, then instead of coming home and taking a nap (no work today, thanks to Fall Break!) I got home and said... "Hmm... the dishes need to be done, and the trash needs to be hauled out... the family room looks like shit... the kitchen might as well get whiped down... why not vacuum... I could do some laundry... my room is a mess..." so I cleaned the shit out of my house and my room. My roommates are going to be thrilled... now if I can just get them to take a Spike or two in the mornings before they go to class, they can come home and clean the house in the afternoon for the rest of the year instead of me doing it.




Whatever is in Spike, I'm willing to start shooting it straight to the vein.


Wow, you sound like an infomercial. Is TC paying you? Just kidding. I love my Spike too. I'll sleep 3 hours at night, go to school, take a power nap, pop Spike and have a new best workout. If they stop selling the shit I'm fucked.



Tim lied to us 'bout Spike. How? Saying it isn't addictive. I'm hooked like a fiend, I literally started panicking when I discovered I was low and it was temp. (thank you tim) out of stock.

If I said this was illegal to the kids at uni. I could deal my way through school.

God Bless Spike


Have you tried Power Drive? How do the two compare. $17 for Power Drive vs. $39 for Spike. Is the price worth it?


I must be in the minority, unforunately. Spike effects me no differently than a cup of coffee, minimally. I get a little energy boost, but that's about it.


two totally different animals!

Power Drive is a neuro transmitter-oritented product, increases neuro output etc...

Spike as far as I know operates via letting the brain operate in a more optimal manner, thus making you friggin "in the zone"

Power Drive is similar, but not as dramatic, and completely different (it's awesome help for the CNS too).

I hope that makes sense...

all in all, two totally different beasts, and they both kick ass


I should be shot for saying this...GNC sells Spike...for $39.99 (before Gold Card discount...no shipping charge...).


How many are you guys taking at once? One doesn't really do it for me, so I usually have to make it two.


The first few weeks I took Spike the "buzz" was quite noticeable. After three weeks or so I didn't notice it as much. One thing about Spike I've noticed for sure---when I'm studying, I remember EVERYTHING!!! I'm like an information sponge on this stuff. Even if I'm not noticing any "buzz", the "brain sponge" effect is still there. I've never aced so many tests in my life. The last two semesters have been a friggin breeze.

The one week that I didn't take any, I did notice the "buzz" effect again when I resumed my morning dose. Definitely an attenuation effect going on there. No sweat, though. Everyone needs a week off here and there.


Whoa, I don't know about the GNC near you but it's not listed on their (GNC's) website and I haven't seen it in my location's. Than again I haven't looked for it either at the actual location.


It was in a special display right by the register. And no, I'm not seeing things. This particular GNC has had Biotest products in the past.



Of course the guy who worked there couldn't tell me anything about the product, and no one had bought it yet, but they had it for sale. Kinda sad really, when the employees don't use or know anything about their products...



I agree. I used to work for GNC, and the reason I was hired was because I was a regular customer who was obviously interested in this lifestyle. I took advantage of my employee discount by trying as many things as I could, 'cause customers ask you those kinds of things. The only time my manager hired someone who didn't know their stuff was with a young lady who was just too gorgeous for him to pass up.:wink: He ended up letting her go a month later when he realized the mistake that he had made.:)haha


I worked at GNC for 2 months before I went to boot camp and got hired for the same reason. I actually just ran into my old boss at a different store last week and he tried to get me back. The guy behind the counter said "Yeah, people would actually listen to you!" kinda cracked me up. But really, the discount wasn't worth it. It was only 30% I think. Not enough on top of the min wage to make me want to work there. As it is, I work at the YMCA for more than min wage and don't have to pay for a membership. That's a hookup.