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i work 60 hours p/week over 7 days, train MMA (striking, wrestling, BJJ etc) 2 hours p/day & S&C 1 hour p/day, 5-6 days p/wk. i also go to nightschool for 6hrs p/wk & am doing a ridiculously hard subject. on average, i leave at 6am & am home by 10pm. Apparently Spikes effects lasts 12hours, so my Q is - when should i take it? apparently it shouldnt be stacked with HOT-ROX, i was going to take Spike upon rising & 2 HOT-ROX about 3pm, more for energy than fat loss...


I take HOT-ROX as well and I've found that as long as you keep the two supplements about six hours apart, it won't interfere.

I'd recommend taking it right before the most strenuous part of your day. Usually I'm not in the mood for working out after I come home from work, so that's the best time for me.


Felt the need to post that it has been stated NUMEROUS times by the Cy Willson, Tim Patterson, TC and others that taking both Spike and HOT-ROX the same day is NOT advised. Please take the time to review the Spike thread it will help answer your questions and if something isnt clear feel free to post your query.


I will also add that many have reported great results by using Spike and HOT-ROX on alternating days. Spike on the days they want it for that BOOST in the gym and HOT-ROX on the days out of the gym, including cardio days.


I've read all about the issue concerning the interaction of certain supplements. All I'm saying is that I wanted to see what was going to happen, and found that there's no negative side effects for me.

I've taken them simultaneously before, and felt no different. I still keep them 6-8 hours apart just to be sure.

I think one should at least try and see for himself. I've found that Spike doesn't do anything on its own. If I take it a few hours after HOT-ROX it wakes me up bigtime. But that's just me.


That is fine and well, "at least trying." The going against the manufactures labels and recommendations on your own free will. Problem being its that same type of trying, doubling recommended doses, etc.. that has in the past and surely will in the future ruin more supplements for those of us who use them correctly. There are reasons for such warnings and recommendations.


I still have some old ephedrine tablets. Can I take 10 at a time if I am REALLY tired? I mean REALLY.


I agree that the labels are there for a reason. But I'm not entirely convinced of the reasons for why one should avoid taking the two.

I've read through all those threads before I tried taking both. This is what Cy said in the Spike thread:

"Spike shouldn't be taken with HOT-ROX as it could hypothetically result in some uncomfortable side effects, perhaps over-stimulation, headaches, etc."

So in other words, it MAY be bad. But we don't really know. I tried both simply to see how I would react, and found that it was beneficial to me. I'm not saying to go ahead and do what I do.

On a weekend I take a couple of HOT-ROX in the morning, and a Spike at 9pm before I go out, and that works for me perfectly fine. But then again I used to drink 10 cups of coffee a day, so that might explain why I can take it so well.


i thought the area between Spike in the am (say 6am) & HOT-ROX in the pm (say 3pm) was still quite grey. could i take an eca type stack instead, or should i just stay steer clear of stacking Spike & fat-burners all together?


I just purchased a bottle of Spike and I took 2 tabs and I would like to say its the shiznit. Now I'm curious to see how Power Drive compares.


yes, do so.