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Wow, little Spike story here. Received it suprisingly two days ago(Bought it through ebay) and it was kinda slow to deliver. Needless to say I was kinda upset that I was about to leave to stay overnight to take the ASVAB and have a physical(i joined the army).

Well i was already tired as hell and didnt know i was taking the ASVAB, so i was pretty freaked cause I thought the physical was that day. Thank god I brought my Spike with me because I was tired to start with.

Anyways---I got about a 62 on the practice tests they gave me. I left the test room with a piece of paper giving me an 84 on the actual test. Me and my recruiter were quite happy :slightly_smiling:

Now to the experience, so far 1 pill gives me a nice little kick but I think 2 would be great for a workout. Socializing is so freaking easy--comes right off the tongue on this stuff! Also it seemed to me as though i was more patient, as well as energized, while taking this supplement. Thats not usual for me--but interesting. Im addicted already haha. GREAT product guys. GREAT.


I gave my gf a half a pill of Spike the other day before her basketball game. She had 6 points, 8 rebounds, and 6 blocks. She wants more.


Good job on the ASVAB, even though I think it's the absolute most retarded test in the world.


ASVAB test was a joke i scored in the top 5% without even studying, funny part is the navy recruiter told me i was to fat to join, and he clearly had atleast 20lbs on me back then.


Agreed on both parts.
Some good guys, and i mean GOOD guys, try to join but they tell them they are too overweight to get in....why wouldnt their recruiters have them cut the weight BEFORE they try and take the damn physical. I felt bad for those guys. It was a LONGGGGG day, not cool at all for them. Hell--at least your recruiter told you from the start. We had to wait about 11 hours before some of those guys found out...after about the last freakin test too.

Hell the ASVAB score is only good if you want a nice job--I just took infantry so really it didnt even matter for me. But for guys who want to get some office based job or a tech job--the high score is necessary. Honestly though..failing the test...thats sad.