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Spike - Workouts & Energy Improved

I just started taking Spike last week. I did the one pill a day for the first three days, and bumped it up to two since then.

Spike definitely amps you up, but completely differently than ephedrine-based products. My heart wasn’t racing, but I felt like I had more energy. Sort of like a focused sense of clarity.

I was taking it in the morning, but the other day I took two an hour before lifting. I got to the gym to do some chest, and ended up beating my previous max by about 10 pounds (I’m not big, guys- my max is about 215). Then, after a negative drop set, I did dumbbell inclines, and topped my previous max by a good 15 pounds (I went from 55 pound dumbbells to 70 pounders).

I can’t offer any information beyond that. It might be that it was a psychosomatic experience, but whatever the root cause, I can say that at least for the one week I’ve been taking Spike, my workouts and energy levels have improved dramatically.

Have any of you been taking it long term and if so, can someone speak to the long term effects? Do you build up a tolerance to it, or do you find that it consistently works?


Well I only take it before a workout or sometimes before a major test because I am paranoid about building a tolerance. I know that the label says to take it everyday to experience the best results though.

I have only been sleeping a few hour a night (I know I know) but I have found that taking 2 Spike and a scoop of Power Drive 30 minutes before my workout after a nap will ensure an AWSOME workout.

I’d like to hear from someone who’s been taking it every day too…


Oh, and on a side note: Biotest ROCKS! I placed an order monday night and was stressing because I was out of Surge and wanted it for after my wednesday workout. My package arrived less than 48 hours later (Fed Ex 3day)! Thanks for being on top of things guys!

I’ve been using Spike almost every day and haven’t noticed a letdown yet.

Good job man.I usually stack Spike and creatine or Spike and NO explode together an hour before my workout and I hit those weights like hammer hits a nail.