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Spike With Carbolin 19?


I have read that the two should not be taken concurently, but where do you draw the line? Does this mean don't take both together at the same exact time, or does it mean wait a few days if I want to take Spike?


Ummmmm...I thought it was Spike and HOT-ROX you couldn't take together? Cause...if it's Carbolin 19....ahhh....damn...


I didn't know you weren't supposed to take them together. I have been taking Carbolin 19 for a couple of months (9am and 3pm) and have been taking one Spike cap at 12pm prior to my workout.

I have had no problems.

What are the problems supposed to be?


Taking one supplement on one day and then using the other on the successive day is enough.


My reason for advising people to avoid using the two concurrently is purely hypothetical.

I just think that in general, it's probably best to avoid using two neuroactive substances if possible.

When I make such recommendations, it's not always because I'm concerned about the majority, but even those 1 or 2 out of hundreds that may have an undesirable experience.


Thanks Cy. That's very useful to know.
Am I also right in thinking that on a day you take HOT-ROX, you should not take either (a) Spike or (b) Carbolin 19?



I'm not understanding. If I want to take Carbolin 19, Alpha Male, and Spike I should only take Spike on days that I am not taking Carboling 19, correct? I don't understand this because I thought that Carbolin 19 works when you take it consistently 7 days a week. How can I do that if I want to take Spike on training days?


Correct, at least, that's my opinion. Be sure to always follow the label recommendations/warnings as well.



Good point. Some will separate a dose of Carbolin 19 and their daily dose of Spike by around 8-12 hours and generally don't have a problem.