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Spike With Alpha Male?

 i am using Alpha Male/REZ-V, and Metabolic Drive, i picked up a 2 tablet sample pack of Spike, can i take it with Alpha Male with no issues?


No overlap, you can take them together. I did that myself for a while, it's quite amazing. But Alpha Male needs to be cycled once in a while, and IMO Spike needs to be cycled too.

I would take Spike only occasionally (only when really needed) but maybe that's just me.


No, a quick search would tell you that Alpha Male should not be taken with Spike. Or you could look at the directions on the Alpha Male bottle stating that you should not take stimulants with it.


I think this is true, for the most part.

Take the Spike when you are not on Alpha Male...or take Caffeine-Free Spike with Alpha Male.



I take them together or in close proximity with no problem.