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Spike Website

Just wondering what the deal is with the Spike website? Don’t have a problem with it just wondering why this supplement has it’s own website and none of the other supplements do? Also, why does the site have its own forum?

It’s not the only one both HOT-ROX and Alpha Male also have their own websites. These are listed on the bottles.

As does Myalgistat.

Fahrenheit, too.

What are the sites for the other products?


I think it got its own website because there are so many questions and comments (and uses, and effects) that those posts are best given their own space. That way, they…

  1. don’t swamp the forums of the T-Nation site, and…
  2. are easier to find for people wanting information on the specific supplement.

Of course, that DOES beg the question: why not make links to these “sister sites” on the T-Nation main page. But, since a mod is reading this right now, maybe they’ll pass that along to the tech people and web designer(s). Stay tuned.

What is the site address? Cant seem to find it and I dont have my bottle with me!

[quote]Snoop wrote:
What is the site address?[/quote]


Anybody have the Fahrenheit site on hand? I have a friend that is interested who’d like to check it out.