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Spike vs. Power Drive

Hi All. I want to try out a pre-workout supplement and am trying to decide between Spike and Power Drive. I can get them locally, but they are very expensive here, so I can only get one. What would you guys suggest?

Power Drive is a 231g tub which is 30 servings, and Spike is 60 caps which is somewhere between 30 and 60 servings, depending on how many caps are required. Spike is around 50% more than Power Drive.


Oh an one more thing: is it okay to crush the tablet and take it like that? Since I was a young kid I have not been able to take tablets and have always crushed them either in my mouth or with a tablet crusher. Will this negatively effect the uptake in any way?


Spike is more potent. I’d say use a bottle and then go with Power Drive for a while. It’s always good to take a break from stims. Power Drive is good because it helps the cns recover and provides a boost. I tend to need 2-3 scoops of it though.
With Spike take 1 cap for a while and then go to 2 if you need to. I find Spike very good at only 1/day and occasionally take 2

Personally I favor Power Drive prior to training. I have been using Spike as a study aid during classes and it has worked great for that purpose.

Good luck


I prefer Spike before a workout, and Power Drive after.

Not sure about the crushing thing.

I believe Spike is a gel inside the capsule so I don’t think you could crush it up. I any case, I accidently left one in my mouth too long as I went to fill my water glass, the capsule dissolved and MAN, does it taste bad! Just slug them down with a big drink. Power Drive, which I prefer, tastes like orange Tang but you do have to stir it alot to dissolve it.