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Spike vs HOT-ROX

I understand that Spike and HOT-ROX are two completly different products intended for different uses. However, I am looking for a pre-workout stimulant and wouldn’t mind the extra thermogenic effect of HOT-ROX. How does it compare to Spike as a workout stimulant? Any input would be great

HOT-ROX doesn’t provide any type of pre-workout ‘boost’. It’s a fat burner without the buzz effect of ECA. If you want a good pre-workout supp, try Power Drive. There’s no buzz on it, but it really increases your focus, and I have yet to have a flat training seesion when I take it.

If you are looking for just the buzz - Spike is hard to beat.

HOT-ROX is not a stimulant. Try Spike or Power Drive.

I’m with ya. Personally, I like HOT-ROX and Power Drive for my am workout

HOT-ROX is a BIT of a stimulant for me; but I’m EXTREMELY sensitive to caffeine. It depends on the person.

I haven’t worked out after taking MS HOT-ROX or Spike, but comparing how my body reacted after taking each (not both at once, of course), I felt a much higher energy Surge with Spike.