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Spike Van in Hollywood


So a few weeks/month ago I saw a Spike van somewhere parked on the streets of Hollywood. Also, I saw Spike at a 7-Eleven in Huntington Beach along with the Red Bulls and Monsters and whatnot. I like the increased exposure, good for Biotest.


I'm no longer a Spike-virgin: I tried my first Shooter (half a can) a couple of days ago. It made my heart pound and I got incredibly hot and sweaty, but it didn't actually enhance my performance; it made me a little light-headed and a bit more uncoordinated than usual.

Had the second half of the can today. (I had poured it into an empty water bottle.) It still tasted great.

My experience this time was better. I had a "bootcamp" style class, and my endurance was definitely up. When it was over I still had energy to spare for stuff like burpees and pull-ups.

I have not yet tried it before heavy lifting; that will be the next experiment.


It rocks my world before heavy lifting. I like both it and Power Drive in combo for ME days. I think you'll love it.


All-right. Giggety.


i love my Spike Shooters... but because of a bunch of stupid kids that drank 3 or 4 of them on an empty stomach they may ban it in colorado. if they go through with the ban i may have to cry a little.


Well, when some random dumbass abuses a product that everyone else would use responsibly, the only possible recourse for the government is to restrict everyone's access to it. How else will you ever learn? Duh.




why not stock up :wink:?


thats what im doing.... got 3 cases sitting in my pantry


Im really curious to try this stuff out but they apparently dont sell it in Texas. Well,Houston or Dallas anyway.