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Spike TV: Don't Be a Victim

A new series on Spike that deals with gun rights, in particular “right to carry.”

Here an episode follows a group of inexperienced citizens who are all new to concealed carry through a 5 day training course at Tac Pro Shooting Center in Ft. Worth, TX…


And here an episode reviews the 1991 Luby’s massacre in Killeen, TX and Suzanna Hupp’s subsequent contribution to “right to carry” legislation…


Awesome. Thanks for the links.

Im of two minds about conceal and carry.

But these courses seem great. People are insulated about knowledge of their bodies, the thoughts in their minds and the real dangers of the world they live in.

When I was in college, when we couldnt round up more than a sausage fest on a weekend night it very often turned into discussions of “What do we do if the fight starts now” type thing that the trainer mentioned.

Its a fun and useful way to BS your way through a boring night.

I prefer the C.A.R. Method. This leaning forward stuff is weird.

Anybody notice the host on that second video is R. Del the bartender from Walker Texas Ranger?