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Spike to Stay Awake in Class?


hello everyone,

I need feedback from people who use them. I just need something in the form of a pill that I can take when I fall asleep in the middle of a class. It doesnt happen often but when I feel sleepy I can't do anything about it. I am not gonna bring some coffee or energy drink in class and I wondered if Spike is good for this purpose.

How would you compare the effect of Spike tabs to the effects of HOT-ROX? What is the difference between Yotimibe HCL and Yotimide HCL free (dont know if it written like that)



I'm sure it would work, but you probably don't want to rely on stimulants for class. Sleep is also good.


Why don't you just sleep during sleepy time?


I personally wouldnt take Spike, that not only would wake you up but also pump you up and get amped, i would just buy some red bull or a 5 hour energy. i would take Spike before i played college baseball and my heart rate would get in the 200's lol. i only Spike it up when i really need it, its quite strong


if your really feeling down, a nice cup of green tea should get you going well enough to stay alert and focused.

if that's not possible Low Carb Monsters were my choice for staying awake in my fucking Art History class.

Spike is way more energy than you want to have sitting in class.


yeah green tea is grear when I do my homeworks at home, but I need something in the form of a pill, easy to take in a split second. I can't really bring any drink in my class and even If I could it would be too complicated. Also Monster drink are quite expensive (3-4$ the bottle) and not really convenient.

100 tabs for 40$ is way cheaper than energy drinks

Maybe If I take half a pill? Or what about a caffeine pills? I can get them near where I live. Anyone ever tried this?


You must be sensitive to stimulants.

Half a Spike Shotgun is perfect for me for meetings, which are as close as I get to classes these days.


Drink green tea before hand.


I've used Spike when I needed to concentrate or stay focused for important (and non-physical) events... I think it works great for that. Give it a whirl.

It takes about a half-hour to really kick in for me, so don't expect instant results.

There's also a couple of long threads about nooptropics here, that you might be interested in. The thread about Tyrosine and Yohimbine might also interest you, too.


Spike is really helpful in keeping me focused, whether it be studying or in competition. I've never used it in class, but I would probably take it 45 - 1 hr before class to let it kick in. I use Spike when i'm either really loaded with work and haven't had the rest that I need or I really need to bring my A game, so i'm not sure if it'd be ok to take it on a daily basis.


aww. this is not what I need. I want the equivalent of a punch in the face in the form of a tabs. Something with an instant action


The closest thing you'll ever get to instant action is an energy drink. Hell, for keeping yourself awake even drinking ANYTHING might help you stay awake. In class, if I just drink some water even I'll get less sleepy at least.

What's preventing you from bringing any drink to class?


The best strategy to make good grades and stay awake, SIT BY THE HOTTEST GIRL IN THE CLASS. i sit by the hottest girl in all 5 of my classes, that way im constantly taking notes and talking with her. if i didnt sit by her then i would fall asleep everyday.


Hard ons really keep me on my feet. Not literally though, that's just embarassing


Go stand in the back of the class.


Provigil...it's the best. Not only wakes you up but improves your mood and helps with focus. Need a script in the US but over the counter in Mexico. Sold under name Modiodal. However, it isn't cheap.


If the class you are having problems with is after a meal, you should try eating lower carb for that meal and see if that fixes the problem.


It is not the case, I only eat carbs in the morning

I am gonna get some caffeine pills

thanks everyone for the advices


I use spike for both working out and studying. In preparations for my MCAT exam as well the actual exam (five hour medical admissions test), I used spike tablets. Its great stuff for maintaining focus. Power Drive is also great for studying, but it won't keep you awake if you are bored or tired. Spike will keep you awake, motivated, and focused. I also noticed that it amplifies my mood. If I am pissed off, it makes me a little dangerous. If I am happy, it makes me more capable of enjoying life. Spike is a great tool with a variety of purposes.


I take the Yohimbe-Free Spike before my more boring classes all the time. I think it works great to help stay focused. I tried the version with yohimbe in the past and it made me feel very uncomfortable. I guess I'm overly sensitive to it or something.

Edit: I noticed some people mentioned it takes them around 45 minutes to feel Spike kick in. In my experience it tends to hit me within 5-10 minutes.