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Spike: the Good and the Not So Good

T-dogs, and vixens…

I must take some time out of my day to elaborate on my initial Spike experience.

I am a father of a very energetic 19 month old, first time home owner, husband of a wonderful woman with very little time to myself.

As you can imagine my “to do” list runs longer then daylight burns, and I’m VERY hard on myself when things don’t get done. Yet somehow in this madness, I must find time to lift.

Occasionally, as it is for some of you, breaking myself in the gym is the ONLY reason I have for getting out of bed. This is rare, but it happens.

During one of my trips to GNC I noticed a very small display with big yellow letters, “Spike”…I recognize this from T-Nation, and figured what the hell. I got a 2 pack just to give it a shot.

I got up around 10am, this is late for me, I stayed up till 4am playing quake4, (im a geek) and didn’t rest very well at all. I made my oatmeal, tossed in some whey, my creatine, I took my sups, and tossed in the Spike figuring it would do nothing.

By 11 something was different. I was focused, wide eyed and ready to do my daily duties. By 2 pm I had built a workbench, changed the oil in both of my cars, and was looking around for more things to do. I can’t express to you just how productive this day was for me, and I was just warming up…With nothing left to do I looked at my iron and figured…LETS DO THIS! One of the best workouts ever…

I may be rambling, but even now, after just 1 Spike I feel like I could go for another round.

My only bad mark about Spike is this. If you suffer from anxiety in social situations, avoid Spike if you plan on being around lots of people. This is a great pick up if you have a solo day, but I couldn’t fathom taking this every day…

I give it a 9 out of 10…and I could still rip the heart out of a grown man right about now.


Out of all the Biotest supps (including the venerable MAG-10), Spike is by far my favorite. I have never had a bad or lackluster workout on a Spike day. Regarding the anxiety, I have the exact opposite effect. For me, Spike is a better mood-enhancer than Power Drive (and Power Drive has pulled me out of more than one rats-ass mood). After Spike, not only do I feel energized, but I find that I am much more outgoing and friendly.

Yeah, Spike is pretty great. I feel like I fully concentrate on several things at once while on it.

Great stuff.

I’ve been getting very little sleep lately but after a short power nap and 2 Spike I always have a great workout.

Well last thursday I had 2 midterm exams and I took 1 Spike before each one. I hadn’t been that focused in class in a long time. I’m pretty sure I got an A on both tests. Spike is great both in the gym and in the classroom.


I’m a Spike Addict. Love the stuff. Rarely go a day without AT LEAST one. Everyone i’ve let ‘try one’ ends up ordering…great stuff!

I try to save Spike for when I “need” it. I’m going to try an experiment of just taking one capsule/day this week and see how it goes with classes.

My only issue with Spike is that it’s contraindicated while taking HOT-ROX, which I also love. But Spike is badass! I believe I’m in trouble tonite though, popped a Spike at about 7:00 pm before a basketball game. after two hours of b-ball, cleaning the kitchen, and having sex with the wife it’s 11:45 and I’m still wired. Thinking I need to take Spike in the early afternoon from now on.

I’m still waiting on my Spike trial so that I can form an opinion…