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Spike Testimonial

In addition to my regular, full-time job, I recently began to work a full time seasonal tax job, at night, with the Department of Revenue in my state. So for the next 12 - 16 weeks, I am/will be working 16 hours five days a week, with some weekend overtime thrown into the mix (like 4 hours this morning!). I’m giving you this background so you can truly appreciate what I’m about to say - Spike is the bomb!

Over the past five nights, I’ve averaged 2 and 1/2 hours of sleep. But when I take Spike mid-morning, and again late afternoon/early evening, I don’t have to use all my energy to try to stay awake - I’m actually able to focus on the work I’m being paid to do at both jobs, which is no small feat!

In the past couple of days, some co-workers at the seasonal job office expressed curiosity about the “yellow pill” they saw me taking, so I told them the deal. In addition, after much whining and cojoling on their part (and after I received verbal assurances about each one’s cardiovascular health and meds), I actually allowed three different co-workers to use one of my pills (heck, I really should be charging them, but what the hey…). After using Spike, it should come as no surprise to anyone at Biotest that all three requested - in writing - the Biotest website info so that they can place their own orders.

Bottom line - Spike ain’t just for athletes/bodybuilders - it has some very practical “real world” applications that can make life a little less difficult when you are working your tail off!

'Nuff said…