SPIKE Tabs Review

Late December I had winter quarter around the corner and figured I’d get some Spike tabs for when I’m struggling to get my work done. I thought what could it hurt?

Well b/c of an ordeal I got behind 2 weeks and have had to go for nearly two days straight to catch up. Perfect time to give Spike a try when I needed it the most.

It says only take 2 tabs maximum, well I took 3 b/c I didn’t think 2 tabs worked for me the last time. Wrong idea…

The last 5 hours I’ve been a MACHINE! I’ve wrote 4 papers and read 60 enormous pages since 5 pm PST. I don’t remember Spike being this powerfull before, I mean I got a rush from hell. Granted it’s what was needed at the time but I kept thinking to myself I shouldn’t have taken that 3rd tab.

I’d like to thank the people who recomended Spike to me and would also like to thank Biotest for all the help they’ve given me.

Wether it’s when I can’t prepare a meal so I drink Metabolic Drive, or when I’m dragging ass and need a lift and take Spike.

Awesome stuff all the way around. Next I’ll no better than to take 3 tabs. I almost couldn’t handle the jitters but it’s what was needed tonight.

Thanks again to the people up front.

Sorry for carrying on, I’m still zingin like a mfer as you can probably tell.


Ya I have a new found respect for SPIKE. It should be titled Lightening in a Bullet.